CSR Policy

Prometheus Group Services Ltd has a responsibility to create a positive impact on society and the natural environment in which it works, by supporting environmental, social and economic sustainability, behaving in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards, and by adding value to local communities.

Being a responsible business means approaching decision making in partnership with our customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders, informed by analysis of how our activities will impact on others.

This Policy describes our approach to CSR in the following areas:


Our People

We provide a safe and enjoyable environment in which employees are encouraged to develop their skills, are treated fairly and without prejudice or bias, are provided with opportunities for progression and growth, and feel respected and valued.


Our Community

We aim to minimise disruption to local neighbourhoods by consultation and involvement of local people, while seeking opportunities to create local benefits from the process, for example learning and project involvement.


Our Planet

We take all reasonable steps to minimise any negative impacts on the environment, including reducing our CO2 emissions, producing innovative low carbon solutions for our clients, minimising waste, educating our staff, and enhancing biodiversity on our project sites.


Our Economy

We seek to contribute to economic growth in areas where we work, by providing opportunities for employment, opportunities for local businesses to join our supply chain, fair treatment and payment terms for all our suppliers and subcontractors, and to produce a profitable, economically sustainable business.

By adopting this policy, we hope to provide better value for money to our customers, ensure the wellbeing of our people, support the environment, and deliver reciprocal benefits to communities where we have a presence.