M&S Luton

M&S Luton Roof Pipework Replacement

Our customer asked us to strip out the existing roof heating pipework that had developed leaks due to internal corrosion from lack of inhibitor, and external corrosion as a result of a chemical reaction between the phenolic lagging and carbon steel pipework.  We replaced this with a new roof level heating distribution system, featuring new Pegler Yorkshire Xpress copper pipework and fittings. To negate any issues with water ingress via the pipe screwed rod supports, we have now located pipework on top of the brackets. A new trace heating system was reattached to the new pipework runs and connected to the existing trace heating control box, and all the new roof level heating pipework was insulated and finished with a protective aluminium cladding complete with identification labels. The heating system was then re-balanced, and we undertook a full dynamic flush & chemically treated the heating circuit. Once again, the customer was delighted with the quality of our workmanship and our innovative approach to undertaking the project.