M&S Longbridge

M&S Longbridge - DSM Generator

This project was to enable the existing Generator and the Main LV electrical protection devices to be fully automated along with the upgrade of the HV and LV emergency isolation upgrade which was a requirement by the local DNO to allow Eon in this case to have full control of the Generator to export power back to the grid during times peak times of electrical demand, M&S are financially rewarded by allowing this.

The project required all required interconnection cabling and data requirements including two specialists’ panels one to monitor and control the Generator and synchronisation with the main electrical supply, this provides status information to the second panel which enables Eon via the M&S IT network to ascertain if the Generator is available for exporting.

A stringent commissioning and witnessing regime was undertaken to ensure that the G59 relay was fully operational and operated within the required tolerances and that the modified ACB,s operated as required.

The project was completed on time with no snags, M&S project team and store expressed their appreciation

“This was a much more complex project to complete due to the stakeholders involved, and your efforts and success are greatly appreciated!”
Lee Butler – Senior MAC consultants

“Communication has been fantastic and I wouldn’t have known the team were here the majority of the time.”
Tara – Longbridge Store Manager