Equality Policy

Prometheus Group Services Ltd. is committed to eliminating all forms of discrimination from our workplace, and to ensuring equality in all aspects of employment, including recruitment, pay and conditions, training, promotion, conduct at work, disciplinary and grievance procedures, and termination of employment.

Our aim is a workforce where all employees feel equally respected and valued, irrespective of the following Protected Characteristics and in accordance with the provisions of the Equality Act 2010:

  • Age;
  • Disability;
  • Sex;
  • Race, nationality, ethnic or national origin;
  • Pregnancy or maternity;
  • Religion or beliefs;
  • Sexual orientation;
  • Marriage and civil partnership status;
  • Gender reassignment status


Staff must not unlawfully discriminate against or harass other people including employees, job applicants, clients, customers, suppliers and visitors. This applies in and outside the workplace e.g. when dealing with customers, suppliers or other work-related contacts; on social media, on work-related trips and business or social events. Discrimination may be direct or indirect, and occur intentionally or unintentionally. It may for example include treating someone less favourably because of a Protected Characteristic, or retaliating against someone who has complained or supported someone else’s complaint about discrimination or harassment.


This Policy will ensure that:


  • All applicants, employees and workers will be treated fairly, with selection for employment, promotion, training or any other benefit made on the basis of aptitude, ability and attitude;
  • We create a working environment where all people, including employees, customers, subcontractors, suppliers and members of the public feel welcome, valued, respected and safe;
  • All Company policies, procedures and working practices will be regularly reviewed to ensure that we continue to be fair in all our activities;
  • A working environment is created in which discrimination, intimidation, harassment, victimisation and bullying will not be tolerated;
  • The Company recognises the wide range of benefits brought by recognising the skills, talents and attributes of individuals from diverse backgrounds, and supports all staff to achieve their full potential.


If a member of staff believes that they have suffered any form of discrimination or harassment they can raise the matter through our Grievance Procedure. No member of staff will be victimised or retaliated against for complaining about discrimination or harassment. However, making a false allegation deliberately and in bad faith will be treated as misconduct and dealt with under our Disciplinary Procedure.


Breaches of this policy will be treated as misconduct and dealt with under our Disciplinary Procedure and in serious cases, may be treated as gross misconduct leading to summary dismissal.